Secret Agent

Rogue agent Zoey Blackwood is having the time of her life traveling the world and evading the CIA’s capture. Her mission? To save millions of innocent lives by sharing a top-secret vaccine. Problem is, her mission thwarts the US government’s plan to sell the vaccine. Which lands her squarely on the CIA’s most-wanted list. 

Assigned with the high-priority task of tracking Zoey down, CIA Agent Peyton North embarks on the chase of a lifetime. Every time she thinks she has Zoey cornered, the smartass agent pulls off another clever escape. Peyton refuses to give up and vows to do whatever it takes to catch her.   

The two get acquainted during their cat-and-mouse trek around the globe. Each woman’s commitment to her mission is tested as the sparks between them grow into a mutual respect and a sizzling attraction that leaves them reeling and hungry for more. 


Sylver and Gold

Boston Homicide Detective Reid Sylver closes every case that comes her way. Her secret? She can talk to the dead. 

Reid’s perfect record has earned her the freedom to work with the only partner she can tolerate: a scarred one-eyed Mastiff called Mugshot. Then the new boss saddles her with rookie London Gold. How will she keep her gift a secret with this ambitious rookie underfoot? 

London Gold has dreamed of being a homicide detective long before she became a cop. Now she has a chance to learn from the woman she’s idolized for years. Breaking through the detective’s tough shell won’t be easy, but she’s determined to learn the secret behind Reid’s success.  

Both women are surprised by their chemistry as they work feverishly to find a tech-savvy killer who stalks his victims from afar. Just one problem: the killer’s now stalking them.