Boston Homicide Detective Reid Sylver closes every case that comes her way. Her secret? She can talk to the dead. 

Reid’s flawless record and intolerance for human companionship have earned her the freedom to work alone—until the new boss saddles her with rookie London Gold. How’s she supposed to interview the dead with this doe-eyed rookie underfoot? 

London Gold has dreamed of being a homicide detective long before she became a cop. She aced the exam and now has a chance to learn from the woman she’s idolized for years. Breaking through the detective’s tough outer shell won’t be easy, but she’s determined to find out what makes Reid so good at solving cases.

Both women are blindsided by their chemistry and developing attraction as they work feverishly to find a killer before he strikes again. Just one problem: the killer now has them in his sights.  

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